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Eco-friendly solutions for Ethical Salon supplies.

Easy Hair salon/hair supplies cover a wide range of Natural Plant Based Hair Salon Products that are effective and eco-friendly

We champion the use of raw materials derived from natural and organic sources, rather than relying on synthetic alternatives.

Our professional and retail range of salon supplies includes everything from shampoos, conditioners and treatments, hair colours and hair styling products, with a strong focus on natural ingredients.

By choosing us for your hair supplies, you can be confident that you are making an ethical choice for your salon and customers.


Taking care of your staff and clients is always a top priority. Natural and plant-based products make sure everyone feels safe and secure, so you can focus on creating a successful salon.

Our Mission

We strive to be at the forefront of innovative professional salon products that not only help salons deliver high-quality services to their clients, but also reduce their environmental impact.

Our Products

We care about ethicsl. Our products, are Vegan OK certified, (no animal ingredients and no testing on animals). Our shampoos are free of sulphates and parabens, and our colours have Ammonia, PPD, and Resorcinol free options.

Eco-friendly, Vegan, Ethical Salon supplies.

At Easy Hair, we take a holistic approach to hair care, recognizing the connection of the hair, scalp, and body as a whole. Our products contain high-quality natural plant-based active ingredients that work together to provide complete hair and scalp care. We believe that true hair health is best achieved by nourishing both the hair and scalp.

One of the unique advantages of our product lines is their complete inter-mixability, allowing hair professionals to personalize and boost product effectiveness according to each client’s needs. This versatility sets us apart from other suppliers, as we educate hairdressers to create tailor-made solutions for their customers. 

When you choose Easy Hair as your salon supplies provider, you can be confident in the effectiveness of our eco-friendly solutions. We understand the importance of minimizing our impact on the environment, by reducing the presence of harmful chemicals and striving to create a better work environment for all.

We are committed to providing salon supplies for hairdressers that is of the highest quality and performance. Our eco-friendly approach ensures that you can offer your clients exceptional results without compromise. Join us in creating a more conscious future for the hair industry by choosing Easy Hair as your trusted supplier of natural and responsible hair products.

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Improve the health of your working environment, for yourself and your salon guests.

Noticeable results from the first use.
You don’t know how great our products are until you try them.
Hairdresser education

Ongoing Salon Support and training

Offering training and technical support to assist salons to expand their services to evolve, and transform their businesses into a place of global wellness, with low and no chemical ingredients. 

Training salons in the diagnosis and treatment of common hair and scalp conditions – utilising blends of pure cold pressed essential oils of plants and flowers that have proven beneficial in the treatment of :

  • excessive oilyness,
  • lack of body, 
  • hair loss,
  • damage from chemical services, other specific hair and scalp problems

This means providing our partner salons with a way to grow and extend their services through ongoing  training and technical support. 



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