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everything you need to know before using 010Plus

how is 010Plus able to process so fast?

How this works is so cool, new and unique that it is patented - so it is only available in the form of 010PLUS. 100% grey coverage.
010Plus is an oxidation dye so it uses ammonia but because the B-spot Laboratories have developed a way of making the pigment so micrographally minute - only a negligible level of ammonia is required to open the cuticle so very slightly to allow the microns of pigment to enter.
The colouring pigments are extremely compatable with the hair fiber to penetrate quickly inside the hair.
10Plus is a vegetal based hair colour, using only the chemical required to perform the colour action. There are no chemical accelerators used in this formula to speed up the processing.
Perfect because, product contact with the clients scalp is reduced by 50%, not to mention the time it saves you and your client!.

010Plus colour tubes are 100grams.

It is very economical – this equates to an average of 5 to 6 regrowth heads of colour from one tube.

Permanent colour:-

The mixing ratio makes it extremely economical.

Regular colouring is 1:1.5.

Resistant to 100% grey is 1:1 -1:1.5

Hi-lift blondes are 1:2

Yes you can mix all three from one colour tube.

With the addition of our additive Pure Tone the colour can be mixed as a demi, semi or toner.

The mix ratio ranges from 10% up to 50% of the colour mix. The level of developer would be dropped down according to the desired result.

Yes there are 6 hi-lift blond hair colour shades that will lift up to 4 and at times 5 levels of colour. Time to process can be slightly longer as there is a dual process happening here lightening and colour depositing. so processing time ranges from 10 to 20 minutes. Still so much faster than traditional hi lift blondes which can take up to 60 minutes to process.

010plus hi lift blondes have two processes they can be used as a hi-lifter and also a toner when mixed with 5vol and lower.

PS. The 12/6 Rose Gold is to die for!

010Plus is a non progressive colour – meaning that it will not darken the longer it is left on, however if it is left on longer the colour could result in a warmer shade. At times extremely resistant grey hair can benefit from an extra couple of minutes processing .

No problem, in this case we do the foils first and then apply the colour to the roots whilst the foils are processing. The timing usually works perfectly for us that all is ready at the same time even with tinted ends. 

You speak about Pure Tone what is it, and how would I use it?

Pure Tone is revolutionary, it transforms the 010Plus colours to Demi/Semi, temporary colour and deposit only colour. It is added to the colour mix up to a maximum of 50%.of the colour creme. Mix with 1.5, 3 or 10% Oxy.

Pure Tone (composed of natural citric acid) neutralises the effect of ammonia and diffuses the colour pigments. It is a natural dye softener, and can also be used in the permanent colour mix up to 10% to soothe any itching in delicate and sensitive scalps.

Addition of Pure Tone to the colour mix 25% plus, will neutralise the action that breaks the base so colours can be toned without fear of further lightening.

What is Neutral 0/0?

0/0 is not a colour and has no covering power. It is the same vegetable base as the colour range but contains no pigment.

Its job is to lighten the shades by adding a level of translucence enabling hair colour shades that are not on our colour chart.

Mixing with intensifiers enable pastel shades of Magenta, Pink, Salmon Lilac etc.perfect also to make toners for bleached hair.

010Plus-Pure Tone Ammonia neutraliser
Ten minutes colour timer

Some cool tips and hacks you should know about using 010Plus


making a toner that has no base - just pigment for toning.

Toners are made by simply adding the neutral clear 0/0 to the concentrate colours or even to the regular tones to give transparency. Want to bring the depth up a little more then add a small amount of base. You can be as creative as you wish with 010Plus.


can't decide what level is best for your client.

You can always be sure you make the right colour choice with 010plus: it's fast processing makes it a cinch to choose the right shade and level. Mix a small amount of colour and place it in a small patch on the hair at the back underneath, where you want to test either at the scalp or mid-lengths - wait 10 mins and the results are there for you.


Super maximum shine glossy treatment

A shine and conditioning treatment that restores the PH of the hair - making the colour brighter and increasing the colour reflect.
Using our super versatile 0/0, Pure tone and a low volume Oxy - apply to freshly washed and towel dried hair and process for 10 minutes. Rinse and seal with Post Colour Masque


Oh dear, bleach has bled under the foil - quick fix

010Plus acts quickly to fix any areas where colour or bleach as bled when doing foils. After applying foils check through for any leaking and bleeding, whilst the hair is still processing. Best to correct this before the foils are taken out and rinsed so mix a small amount of colour creme to match using a small brush dab the area with the colour. wait 5-10 minutes and no one would ever know the colour had bled.


010Plus intensifier colours - crazy colours and pastel Hair Colour shades

The intensifier colours come as a range of 6 colours: ( Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Violet, Pearl) their main purpose is to intensify and enhance the shades of the range.
They are not only just intensifiers/correctors they have many other uses:
1) By themselves with Oxy as a particularly intense fashion hair colour shades as Crazy Colours.
2) For Pastel shades mixed with our 0/0 for beautiful unicorn looks.

010Plus Express hair colour

010Plus simplifies and revolutionises the world of the hair colourist.

Why choose 010Plus :
1. 100% white hair coverage in 10 minutes.
2. 010Plus transforms to a Demi and Semi and more.
3. 0/0 Neutral/Clear base increases creative options.
4. Intensifiers boost colour reflects, makes Crazy and Pastel Colours.


010Plus the innovative  solution



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