Balayroo Balayage tool


A cool new tool for faster balayage

A new stylist tool that makes balayage and highlight application time faster. 

It is less messy, gives more even colour application and better blended balayage/highlighting results.

With this tool, a colour service that would normally take an hour completed in 15 to 30 minutes.

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Balayroo a faster, cleaner more natural Balayage


Colour specialist Dana Bremner the inventor of Balayroo found that while the popular balayage technique provided clients with a more natural looking colour treatment, many stylists and colourists, herself included, still did not fully embrace the technique because of the hassle involved and time needed to apply correctly.  

Dana designed the Balayroo applicator to address these problems and make the balayage treatment something every stylist can offer to their clients”

colour melts, highlight, pastel & unicorn techniques.

How to use Balayroo Balayage tool
Balayroo technique options

About Balayroo

Right-handed and left-handed use; fits all hand sizes.

Pocket Design

Inside pocket for holding colour or lightener on the top and bottom.

Inside Teeth

Hold colour in to evenly saturate the hair.

Top Notch

Top opening designed to allow colour application closer to the scalp.

Outside Edge

Outer edge softens application by closing over the hair and smoothing.

Precise Control

Finger pressure: Start with light pressure and gradually increase pressure as you swipe the balayroo® down the hair.



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