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Hair Styling and Finishing

Hair Styling products that care.

Organethic Pure Care – Hair Styling and Finishing line contains vegetable and plant oils which allow the hair fibre to be restructured whilst styling and finishing.  Hair is hydrated, regenerated – brighter and stronger.

Many of the styling products are Thermo protective and offer protection from UVA-UVB rays.

To allow for greater creativity and personalisation to your hairstyle the styling and finishing products can be intermixed to ramp up the style support, making the range extremely versatile.

Powerful where needed.

Healing where needed.

Protective where needed.

Caring where needed. 

Organethic Pure Care hair products are Vegan OK compliant
Organethic Pure Care Hair Styling and finishing products

Professional hair styling products  with added value – treating the hair

Volumizing Foam

Volumizing and stylizing

Volumizing Foam adds body, volume and support to any hair style. Excellent for adding lift and volume to medium and fine hair, with amazing holding and support. 

Is not sticky on the hands or the hair. Does not weigh the hair down. Moisturising.

Light, medium, or strong hold (proportional to the amount of product used).

Hold factor – 2,3,4,5,6;  Shine factor – 1

Non aerosol. Vegan OK.


 active ingredients of natural origin

TSUBAKI OIL  (Camelia Japonicia oil); PRODEW 500® (New Technology – Paraben free blend of Amino Acid  is a nourishing, conditioning, shining, repairing, and moisturising agent for hair and skin)

Organethic Pure Care Volumising Hair Styling Foam
Organethic Pure Care Volumising spray

Volumizing Spray

Stylizing, Volumizing spray

Adds volume to hair during drying and hair styling. Gives lift and lasting control. Natural support without being greasy, sticky or weighing the hair down.

Great for spraying right down into the root area for natural lift. Moisturising, not drying.

Especially suitable to fine hair. Volume with a soft natural feel.

Hold factor – 2;  Shine factor – 0

  Non Aerosol. Vegan OK.


 active ingredients of natural origin

Millet essential oils, Apricot extract, Sunflower extract, Oat extract, Lavender extract

Toy Paste

Natural light styling in soft cream.

Light natural volume, control and body for medium and short hair. No residue or greasiness.

Is not sticky on the hands or the hair. Does not weigh the hair down. 

Improves elasticity, gives structure and body. Excellent for stylists whilst style cutting.

Apply to damp or dry hair and shape.

Hold factor – 1;  Shine factor – 0

Non aerosol. Vegan OK.


 active ingredients of natural origin

Sandalwood Essential oil, Orange Extract, Chamomile Extract, Lemon Extract, Altea extract, Fenugreek extract.

Organethic Pure Care Toy Paste
Organethic Pure Care Texture Booster for hair

Texture Booster

Volumizing Dust.

Light volumizing powder for all hair types.

Useful in all types of styling. Gives a medium strong lasting support and lift and volume, with a light sprinkle.

Particularly useful in the crown area of the hair or any areas where the hair tends to be heavy , flatten or part.  Excellent lift and volume for very fine hair.

Moisturising not drying.

Hold factor – 5;  Shine factor – 0

Vegan OK.


 active ingredients of natural origin

Silicon Salts

Curl Booster

Curl gel with elastic effect.

Perfect for styling curly short hair and wavy hair. Does not leave the hair stiff or sticky when dry, so it can be dressed,  touched and fingered when dry.

Gives curly hair elasticity, and restores natural spring and elasticity.

Meduim to strong hold on curly or wavy hair.

Hold factor – 3;  Shine factor – 3


Vegan OK.


 active ingredients of natural origin

Essential oils of : Orange; Mint; Eucalyptus; Millet; Soybean Extract; Fenugreek Extract; Oat Extract

Organethic Pure Care curl booster for curly hair
Organethic Pure Care Hydrating Shiny Spray

Hydrating Shiny Spray

Moisturising and Illuminating spray.

Gives brightness and hydration to all types of hair without weighing it down.

Does not make the hair wet, or oily in appearance. Protects and controls the hair from humidity.

Particularly good for  fine hair to help with fly aways. With fine hair spray onto hands first then apply to hair.

Does not make the floor slippery.

Moisturising and leaves no residue.

Hold factor – 0;  Shine factor – 6

Vegan OK.


 active ingredients of natural origin

Avocado oil; Jojoba Oil; Sunflower Essential Oil; Rice Oil; Altea Extract; Aloe Extract

Hydrating Potion

Moisturising serum to eliminate split ends.

Hydrates thick wavy and curly hair making is soft and shiny especially the ends. Can be used on just ends if necessary. 

Moisturises the hair and seals the ends reducing fluffiness on the ends so common in curly hair.

Hold factor – 0;  Shine factor – 5

Vegan OK.


 active ingredients of natural origin

Sunflower Essential Oil; Ylang Ylang Essential Oil; Jojoba Oil; Sweet Almond Oil; Avocado Oil and

Sesame Oil:- a powerful anti-ageing and antioxidant. Rich in oleic acid and linoleic acid and numerous trace elements minerals such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, salicylic acid and especially calcium. It also contains valuable vitamins with a prevalence of vitamins A, E and group B (B1, B2, B3) and eight essential amino acids.

Natural amino acids in Sesame extract (sesamola, sesamolina and sesamol) helps fight ageing and free radicals.

Organethic Pure Care Hydrating Potion

Clay Paste

Medium Strong Modeling Wax

Defines the styling by nourishing the hair. Gives beautiful shine and good lift when massaged down to roots. Defines curl by scrunching into ends and lengths. Moisturising.

Hold factor – 5;  Shine factor – 4

Vegan OK.  


 active ingredients of natural origin

Soybean Extract; Avocado Oil; Sunflower oil; Bergamot.

Organethic Pure Care Clay Paste
Organethic Pure Care Sculpt Paste - modeling Wax

Sculpt Paste

Modeling Wax Medium hold. 

Sculpts and nourishes hair at the finishing style stage.. Does not weigh the hair down is perfect for styles that need placement and definition on short and medium hair.

Does not leave hair or hands sticky.  Moisturising, gives hair elasticity. Matte Finish.

Hold factor – 5;  Shine factor – 0



 active ingredients of natural origin

Beeswax, Carnauba wax, Hazelnut oil and Castor Oil

Matte Paste

Matte Modeling wax. 

Shapes the hair creating an opaque Piece by Piece effect. Nourishes the hair in the styling and finishing phase. Does not weigh the hair down, leaves no residue. Not sticky on hair or hands.

Gives hair elasticity. Perfect for disheveled effects.

Hold factor – 4;  Shine factor – 0


 active ingredients of natural origin

Beeswax; Extracts of: Shea butter; Aloe; Oats; Pearl Millet; Mallow

Organethic Pure Care Matte Paste
Organethic Pure Care fiber paste

Fiber Paste

Medium hold fibrous modeling and finishing wax.

Gives elasticity to the hair styling, and nourishes the hair. Does not weigh the hair down and leaves no residue.


Hold factor – 4;  Shine factor – 1


50ml hair

 active ingredients of natural origin

Jojoba oil; Castor oil; Honey 🍯 




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