Organethic Pure Care- the power of the flower

Silk Aloe Line

Deep Hydration hair smooth as silk.

The Silk Aloe line treatment assists the skin tissue to regenerate like the hair, helping it to grow stronger, healthier, shinier, at the same time soothing and eliminating any skin and scalp problems and as a  natural dandruff treatment.

Aloe vera gel extract is present as the main ingredient in every product of the  Silk Aloe Line.


The substance in the Aloe Barbadensis leaf has a chemical composition similar to keratin, the protein of hair fibre. This structural similarity allows easier penetration along the entire length of the hair haft, ensuring perfect hydration. Aloe is a powerful conditioning agent for hair and skin.

Scientists have identified over 200 biologically active molecules in the Aloe Vera Gel providing a beneficial impact on human health.  

Organethic Pure Care Silk Line:

  • Relieves itchy scalp.
  • Reduces inflammation of the skin.
  • Helps hair retain water by increasing its hydration.
  • Contains Vitamins A, C, E which promotes healthy cell growth and renewal.
  • Increases hair and skin moisture levels. strengthening to prevent dryness and brittleness.
  • Assists with scalp conditions such as Psoriasis and Seborrhea.
Silk Aloe line shampoo and conditioner

Aloe Vera, known as the plant of immortality, for its healing properties, for skin and hair.

Silk Moisture Shampoo

Moisturising shampoo with a silky effect.

Silk Moisture Shampoo decongests dry and red skin, assists in treatment of dermatitis and as a natural dandruff treatment, preventing it from flaking. Cleanses dry, normal or treated hair. 

Lifts excess sebum and residue from hair whilst keeping the cuticle smooth and close


Recommended for use in the salon as a post colour shampoo especially for red, copper, fluro or pastel colours. Recommended as a colour care shampoo for home use.

Skin soothing and Skin normaliser.

200ml;  1 litre Professional

Vegan OK

 active ingredients of natural origin

ALOE VERA GEL Extract, Chamomile extract, Silk Protein, Menthol – refreshing, antiseptic and disinfectant properties. A natural relaxant reducing the stress levels of the skin . Obtained by steam distilling the flowers of the plant.

Organethic Pure Care Silk Moisture Shampoo
Organethic Pure Care Silk Moisturising Conditioner

Silk Moisture Conditioner

Daily Moisturising conditioner with a silky effect.

It improves dry or red skin, preventing it from flaking. Brings hydration to dry, normal or treated hair, instantly detangling it. Post colour conditioner to be used in the salon for red, copper, fluorescent or pastel colours. Recommended as a post colour conditioner for home use. 

Relieves scalp issues from occasional dandruff to itchy scalp and psoriasis.

Detangling, Skin Soothing, moisturising

150ml; 1 Litre Professional

Vegan OK

 active ingredients of natural origin

ALOE VERA GEL Extract, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Soybean Proteins, Shea Butter

Silk Potion Cream

Detangling cream potion with silk effect. 

Leave-in conditioner with immediate detanglng effect giving softness, silkiness and hydration. Does not weigh the hair down.

Can be used as a styling aid and to soften the ends of dry and curly hair and is also useful to soften the beard.

Moisturises the skin as well as the hair.


Vegan OK

 active ingredients of natural origin

ALOE VERA GEL Extract, Vitamin B5

Organethic Pure Care Silk Potion Cream
Organethic Pure Care Silk Potion Spray

Silk Potion Spray

Detangling cream potion with silk effect. 

Perfect detangling for long hair especially childrens hair. Leave in light moisturising effect, results in soft and silky hair.

Can be used as a styling aid and helps moisturise ends of fine and curly hair.

Moisturises the skin as well as the hair.


Vegan OK

active ingredients of natural origin

ALOE VERA GEL Extract, Vitamin B5



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