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Three different ways to achieve hair colour to be proud of.

C Colour

C-Colour is the next generation of restructuring eco-friendly hair colour. Our ammonia-free, PPD and resorcinol free system contains no silicones and is vegan friendly!

One line of colour 3 different ways:- PERMANENT; DEMI AND SEMI-PERMANENT.

A Colour

A Colour provides total coverage and at the same time nourishes the hair thanks to its high concentration of natural active ingredients, paying particular attention to skin protection. Contains Less than 2% ammonia.

Perfect Grey Coverage. PPD free. Vegan..

G Colour

Water based Gel colour without alcohol.    Between semi-permanent and demi-permanent.

Perfect for toning, refreshing, and glossing.

Suitable for all hair types, washes out completely in approximately 20 shampoos.

organic Hair Colour that will improve the health of your hair.

C - Colour

A new organic hair colour 


Our organic hair colour has lower alkalinity (PH 8.5 as compared to 10 – 11)  means less swelling of the hair shaft.

The organic and natural active ingredients in our organic hair colour formula delivers impeccable results and top-level performance without damaging the health of the hair, the scalp, or the person.

The refining process of our pure pigments removes iron, nickel, lead and all other harmful substances which will affect the colour result and lasting power.

C-colour contains 40% organic oils made up of 6 pure oil extracts which restructure the hair keratin and protect the hair and scalp.

Organethic Pure Care utilises Stoichiometric Technology to minimise free colour molecules  thus reducing the instance of skin irritation.

Active natural ingredients
organic hair colour - C-colour

salon only products to make your world healthier and more efficient

A - Colour

A new organic hair colour 

  • LOW AMMONIA  -2%
  • 100% PPD FREE

All the things that make C-colour so unique can be found in A-colour.

A-colour is a low ammonia permanent hair colour. Percentages range from 0.4 to 1.5% ammonia. We have reduced the impact of ammonia on the scalp. 

The refining process of our pure pigments removes iron, nickel, lead and all other harmful substances which will affect the colour result and lasting power.

The main ingredient of 

Organethic Pure Care utilises Stoichiometric Technology to minimise free colour molecules  thus reducing the instance of skin irritation

Active natural ingredients
A-colour tube

In the right hands hair colour can change your world.

G - Colour

New organic GEL hair colour 


Algae is the perfect remedy for hair that appears dull, weak and brittle to the touch. For this reason O.P.C. has chosen two of the most important and valuable marine algae for its latest hair colour – G-colour

G-colour Gel sits somewhere between a demi-permanent and semi-permanent colour and can be used on all hair types. The special formulation is based on condensed water that balances the hair porosity. It contains no alcohol (unlike comparative products that contain alcohol and work by oxidation.) Its acidic pH seals the cuticle and contains special pigments that deposit colour on the hair giving a luminous result.

20 perfect colours for toning, blending grey and highlighting. Mixed with activator at a 1:1 ratio, processing time is 20mins.  “Clear” can be used to dilute colour or on its own for extreme shine.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Caulerpa Lentillifera – Green Caviar (This alga is known for rejuvenating tissue, anti-aging, moisturizing and anti-oxidant qualities)

Rhodophyta – Rose algae (beneficial to skin and hair – revitalizing and moisturizing.)

Paypya Extract (vitamin, mineral and enzymes); Bamboo Extract (elasticizing, anti-aging); Alpine Scutellaria Extract (anti-aging, sebum regulating, illuminating and elasticizing)

Active natural ingredients
G-colour bottles


3 Action Plex protection like no other


X Defender reduces the risk of damage during chemical processing by 80% – it also provides protection and reconstruction.

Internal Protection

Other Plexes create a new bond where the bond has been broken in processing this helps to keep the structure stable. This solution works but over time with continuous applications of colour, bleaches etc it can break.

X DEFENDER IS DIFFERENT – it penetrates deeply and bonds well with keratin making a better connection and creates several bonds not just one so the connection can remain indefinitely.

OUR PLANT BASED PROTEINS MAKE A DIFFERENCE – We work with complex plant based proteins – unlike regular proteins  which undergo a hydrolisation process to enable them to enter the cuticles. Plant based proteins do not need to reduce their molecular structure because of compatibility. Unlike traditional proteins – plant based proteins contain 3 Amino Acids which are identical to those found in human keratin so the product penetrated and perfectly bond with the internal Keratin Structure remaining indefinitely.

External Protection

Other Plexes create a film effect on the outside of the hair which potentially slows down processing times. So they will recommend using a higher level of peroxide to counter this. “This does not make sense – the higher the Peroxide the higher the risk of damage”.

Our active ingredients do not create a film around the hair – using X Defender you don’t change either the peroxide levels or  processing times.

Skin/Scalp Protection

This protection activates in areas where it contacts the skin. Our plant based extracts especially the Soy Bean extract have positive and negative charge and will activate when in contact with the opposite charge. This is how they can create a protective film on the skin and not the hair.

X Defender

better protection for hair, skin and health.


Black Lightening cream an oil-based bleach based on charcoal – neutralises red and warm tones for cool ashy shades. Arriving soon – pre-order now.        FIND OUT MORE HERE

Lighting Cream

Available in White, Blue and Ammonia Free

Soft, gentle and fast acting bleaching cream with amazing emollient and moisturising properties.

More protective ingredients can be added to cream bleaches than powder bleaches.

Extremely gentle on  skin and. hair, White Lighting cream is easy to mix  and has wonderful workable texture and body, the hair will be more hydrated than the classic bleaching powder.

Lighting cream is oil based so it is far gentler on the hair and skin, and does not dry out as others do.

5 Vol for 1 tone
10 Vol for 2 tones
20 Vol for 3 tones
30 Vol for 4-5 tones
40 Vol for 6-7 tones

active ingredients of natural origin

Beeswax, Castor oil. Corn Protien

Organethic Pure Care Lighting Cream



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